Large Door Murals
When is a door not a door?

Banner Design

In our neighborhood stores, we design and print a tremendous variety of banners and signs for business and home use:

  • Indoor Banners
    • Business Banners
    • Paper Signs
    • Posters and frameable prints
    • Murals, custom wallpaper
  • Outdoor Banners with extra durability
    • A-frame signs
    • Vinyl Banners, business banners
    • Vinyl signs, business signs
  • Window signs
    • Cut vinyl lettering and designs
    • Printed vinyl lettering and designs
    • Perforated vinyl, one way, or “see-through” signs
Cut and Printed Vinyl Window Signst
Cut and Printed Vinyl Window Signs

What is a Banner?  What is a Sign?

Definitions overlap.  To find what you’re looking for, use the following guide:

BannersA banner is a strong, flexible sheet designed to be hung from a few points, and usually provided with grommets for hanging.  Indoor banners are generally paper or canvas.  Outdoor banners are usually heavy-duty vinyl.  Banners may contain images, but almost always contain some text.

Signs – A sign is meant to have a stiff backing.  The backing may be a wall or window or other stiff material.  Free-standing signs are mounted on stiff sheets of plastic, metal, wood, or other material.  Indoor signs are usually printed on paper.  For extra durability, or for outdoor use, they may be printed on vinyl.  Signs may contain images, but almost always contain some text.

PostersA poster is a picture intended to be mounted on a wall or window.  Posters may be printed on paper, for indoor use, or vinyl, for outdoor use.  While posters may contain decorative text, particularly if used to advertise a concert or other event, they always contain images.

Murals – Murals are large pictures permanently glued to walls, or sometimes to cabinets or doors.   They may be printed on paper for indoor use.  For better durability, or for outdoor use, they are printed on vinyl.  While they may contain text, they always contain images.  Visit Streamline Print & Design today to discuss your banner, sign, mural or poster project.