Mural Printing

Yes, we do mural printing, and custom wallpaper.  Lets face it, not all photographs are created equal.  Some we are content to look at once and forget.  Others, we’d like to look at every day for a year or two, or even ten.  Put the pictures you love onto your walls as murals.

Large Wall Mural
Cabinets that take you somewhere else.

Mural Size

Using our wide format digital printer, we can print murals of any size by joining sections up to 4.5 feet wide, and of unlimited length.  The limit to the picture quality of a large mural is only the resolution of the original digital file.  For a good mural, your image size should be measured in megabytes-the more the merrier.  We can handle digital files of any size.  If they are too big to email, just bring them to the shop on a flash drive.

Mural Color

Color, and the manipulation of color is a specialty of the graphic artists at Bizcard Xpress.  We can print full color images, of course, but can also do black and white murals, or sepia tones.   We can enhance color, or tone it down.  We can warm a photo with yellow tones, or spark it to an electric blue.

Large Door Murals
When is a door not a door?

Murals From Digital Art

Not all murals are made from photographs.  We print murals from digital art whether the source is a photograph, a collage of photographs, modified photographs, or even from pictures that flowed straight into a computer from the mind and the hand of the artist.

Paper or Vinyl?

We print murals on high quality, self-adhesive wall-paper stock.  For extra strength and durability, we can also print on tough, damage-resistant vinyl.  For added abrasion resistance on paper or vinyl, and to prevent color shift or fading for many years, we laminate your mural with a protective acrylic layer in high, low, or medium gloss.

What about the bathroom door?

The word ‘mural’ is from the French word ‘mur,’ which literally means ‘wall.’  One of the wonders of our age is that you can decorate, and enhance, or disguise any surface with a mural (even if the surface isn’t a ‘mur’).  We’ve applied printed vinyl to doors and to cabinets.  We’ve applied clear, printed vinyl to glass and windows, as decoration, to provide privacy, or both.

Moonrise over White Sands   Dawn in the Tetons

Mural-quality photographs from Bill O’Dell

For murals, wall-paper and wall treatments to the limit of our combined imaginations, call Streamline today.

Perforated Vinyl