Business Cards

Black and white business card

The Streamline Print & Design team takes great pride in providing the finest selection of business cards available just about anywhere.

Design Assistance

Business cards are available in a staggering variety of colors, fonts and designs.  They may be quite simple, or may be elegant, subtle or forceful.  For professional design assistance, call us or visit our store.

Beginning in the days when visiting gentlemen instructed haughty butlers to “take in my card,” the visiting card, personal card, or business card has become an indispensable tool for establishing a business identity.  Very often, a business card is the only tangible reminder of our first meeting with a new business associate.  It helps shape our memory of a first contact, and can reinforce a good first impression.

White on black business card

Business Card Variety

The first business cards were written or printed in black ink on good quality paper.  Like those first cards, the simplest, least expensive business card we sell today is still printed in black ink on one side of a good 80 lb card stock.  Black and white business cards still work today, especially if they are elegantly designed and scripted.   However, because every detail is important in a business, a veritable arms race of competition has sprung up, creating a wide variety of business card colors, styles and effects.    The quickest way to sort through all the options is to call us right now at (816) 459-7552 and talk over what you need.

Design Options

Business cards may be printed on paper, plastic, metal or other materials.  Various inks are used, and surface treatments may be applied to change the gloss or improve abrasion resistance and durability.  Some common options are listed below.

Common paper types:

  • 80 lb card stock
  • 100 lb card stock
  • 14 point card stock
  • 16 point card stock
  •  Linen texture-a woven pattern
  • Laid texture-a lined pattern
  • Parchment-smooth surface with varying opacity

Paper colors:

  • Full Color, Full Bleed CardWhite
  • Various off-whites: cream, ivory, etc.
  • Pastels of all colors

Alternative Substrates:

  • Clear Plastic
  • White or colored plastic
  • Silver, gold or copper-colored foil
  • Silver, gold or copper-colored metal


  • Black
  • Full color
  • Raised ink (one, two or several colors)

Print patterns:

  • Standard – ink stops about 1/8-inch from card edge
  • Full bleed – ink extends to the edge of the card

Surface treatments (for one or both sides):

  • None
  • UV-coated, glossy
  • Matte coated

Logo Design Help

We can design or improve logos.  Call us to achieve  the impact you need.

Business Cards When You Need Them

When you hire a new person, or promote someone, you need to provide new business cards quickly. . We’ll make sure you have them on time at affordable prices. Every order is reviewed during and after the printing process to eliminate errors and ensure the highest quality products.

Call Streamline Print & Design or visit us today to order your high quality business cards.