Car Decals

When people ask for car decals, they usually want one of the following things:

  • Cut vinyl lettering, with perhaps a logo or graphic
  • Printed vinyl window stickers
  • Magnetic signs
  • A vinyl vehicle wrap, for a car, truck, trailer or RV
  • Perforated Window Vinyl

Designing, manufacturing, and applying all types of car decals is a big part of our business, one of our core competencies.  Whatever type of car decal you have in mind, call us today.

Cut Vinyl Letteringheader007

Cut vinyl lettering is made by cutting the letters and a logo, or silhouette-style artwork from a sheet of self-adhesive vinyl in a solid color.  We’ve cut hundreds of car decals from white vinyl, but we stock dozens of other colors as well.  We can letter your car in practically any color you want, including gold and silver.  We cut the vinyl using an automated, computer-driven vinyl plotter that works from a digital graphic design.  In this way we reproduce exactly the lettering font, logo or artwork you expect.

Printed Vinyl Window Stickers


Window Stickers for A Kansas City Business

Window stickers are made by printing your lettering, logo, or artwork on on a sheet of self-adhesive vinyl.  We then cut out the printed sheet, and apply it to your vehicle.  The printed sheet can be rectangular, but is usually cut to follow the design.

Car Magnets


Small Magnetic Car Sign

Magnetic car decals can be placed or removed in a few seconds.  We generally produce car magnets by starting from a roll of white magnet stock, and applying cut vinyl or printed vinyl lettering and artwork.  We then cut the magnet to any desired shape.  Car magnets are often designed to be applied to a door, and sized about 1 x 2 feet, but they can be much larger.  For one customer, we printed a set of 2 x 6 foot magnetic banners that she changes out weekly on her parked van.

Vehicle Wraps or Car Wraps

Once you know that we can print vinyl artwork of any size and color and apply it to your car, it requires only boldness, ingenuity, or a moment’s insanity to recognize that the decal can be as big as the car itself–and the concept of a vehicle wrap is born.  Wrapping an entire car in vinyl takes patience, skill and experience.  A well crafted wrap transforms your vehicle into a moving billboard, a work of art that advertizes your business or personality.

Truck Wraps and RV Wraps

It is impossible to drive more than a few miles on the freeway without seeing a truck or recreational vehicle with a huge vinyl decal, and sometimes with a complete truck wrap.  Large wraps look best when prepared from large sections of printed vinyl.  Using our wide-format vinyl printer, we can print sections of any length, and up to 54 inches (4.5 feet) wide.

Perforated Window Vinyl

The design of a car decal or wrap can extend onto the the rear and side windows of a vehicle.  We use perforated vinyl or one-way vinyl for this part of the project.  These decals cover the entire window with a graphic visible only from the outside – to the driver, the window looks just like it was tinted.   See our perforated vinyl blog post to learn how it works.

Car Decal Durability

The adhesives we use to attach vinyl lettering and printed sections to vehicles provide a strong bond, that typically lasts at least five years when applied to auto paint that is rust-free, and in good condition.  The colored vinyls we use are resistant to color fading and to gloss loss, and will stay beautiful for many years.  For printed vinyl, we use weather-resistant inks, and laminate all printed vinyl, including vehicle wraps with an overcoat of a UV-screening polymer.

Removing Car Decals and Wraps

Most car decals and vehicle wraps stay on for the life of the car.  It is straightforward, however, to remove lettering or even an entire wrap.  We do this using solvents that soften the vinyl adhesive, but do not attack or soften professionally-applied vehicle paint.

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