Car Window Stickers

Custom Car Window Sticker

One of my favorite car stickers is the U.S. Marine Corps decal in the back window of my brother’s pickup truck.  Car window stickers like this are popular, and are very widely available.    Streamline Print & Design doesn’t re-sell USMC stickers. We do, however, print car window stickers you design, or that we design together.

We also print bumper stickers.  Whether you want a few stickers for personal use, or thousands for a marketing project or a political campaign, we can help.

Car Window Stickers are Durable

We print car window stickers on high quality vinyl stock, using durable inks of all colors.  Then we laminate the stickers with a UV-resistant overcoat to protect them from fading by exposure to earth, air, fir or water (dirt, wind, sun and rain).  When properly applied to clean glass, car window stickers stay on and stay attractive through many years, and car washes.

Window Stickers for A Kansas City Business

No Tools Required

Stickers make a bold statement without any complicated tools or processes. Simply clean the window, then peel and stick your custom sticker or decal to the window for maximum impact on a minimum budget.

Removing Car Window Stickers

Eventually you may wish to remove your car stickers.  When applied to a window, stickers can be removed without damage to the window.

Stickers for Other Uses

Stickers, or graphic decals are easy to apply, inexpensive, and durable.  Well-designed stickers can be snappy advertisements for your business, concert, or event.  Although they adhere best to clean, hard substrates like glass or high-quality paint, stickers can be applied many other surfaces, including:

  • Painted Wood
  • Leather
  • Cloth
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Plastic

Contact Streamline Print & Design at (816) 459-7552 in Kansas City, MO, or email us at to discuss your sticker needs.

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