Car Wraps

Perforated Window Vinyl
Perforated Vinyl Window Treatment

Car Wraps

Perforated window vinyl, or “see-through” vinyl may be applied to rear or side windows of cars and trucks, making images that are solid, bright, and opaque when viewed from the outside, but are transparent from the inside.  You can use this technology to apply a sign that will go with you wherever you take you vehicle.

Car wraps, also called vehicle wraps, truck wraps, or recreational vehicle wraps, etc., never fail to grab attention.  There are some people who wrap their cars as a form of personal adornment, as other people wear jewelry, but the majority of vehicle wraps are used to draw attention to professional vehicles.


Professional Vehicle Wraps


Professional vehicles need professional vehicle wraps.  Effective design of vehicle wraps requires the designer to understand the shapes of vehicles, and how application to the vehicle will modify the appearance of the original design.

Working Truck Wraps

Although passenger car wraps catch the eye, the majority of large wraps are on working pickups, or on semi trailers, where they serve as large, moving billboards.  Not only do they carry your contact information, but they establish that your business is savvy, stylish, and up-to-the-minute.  Consult with us when you feel inspired to upgrade your working vehicle.  We create a design that captures your vision.  We’ll print that design in long-lasting ink on rugged vehicle vinyl, and we’ll wrap it around every curve of your machine with loving attention to detail.


Trailer Wraps

Not all vehicle wraps are for professional vehicles.  Scout troops, high school bands, and many other organizations own trailers to haul their gear to special events.  Trailer wraps help create the pride that draws people together.

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What is Perforated Vinyl

Perforated vinyl is exactly what the name says, a sheet of vinyl material with a pattern of tiny holes cut through it. There are so many of these holes that a significant amount of the material is removed. The amount of vinyl removed usually ranges from 30 to 50%.  For example, 60/40 vinyl, is 60% vinyl and 40% holes.


How Perforated Vinyl Works

Perforated Vinyl or See-Through Vinyl
Perforated or “See-Through” Window Vinyl

Perforated vinyl signs are opaque when seen from outside a window because our eyes naturally focus on a bright, well-lit surface rather than on the holes and the relative darkness of whatever is behind the surface.  The inner side of perforated vinyl, however, is dark colored.  Here the eye naturally focuses through the dark vinyl to the light and motion outside the window.  People inside a store, home or automobile can see through the back of the sign to the world outside.


Use See-Through Vinyl to Extend a Car Wrap

Car Wrap with Perforated Vinyl
Car Wrap with Perforated Window Vinyl

Perforated vinyl can be used to extend a wrap over the side and rear windows of a van or other vehicle.  Perforated vinyl window art is street legal, and works like window tinting to reduce glare and eliminate visibility from the outside in, while allowing full visibility from the inside out.  The graphic artists at Streamline Print & Design can work with your designs, or help you produce the sign, decal, or logo you want.

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