Embroidered Polo Shirt
Embroidered Polo Shirt

The other day a woman walked into our store determined to buy the essential items to set herself up in business. First, she bought 100 business cards, a necessary item, but the barest minimum quantity.  Her second purchase was two magnetic signs for her car.  Again, fairly typical of a hopeful entrepreneur on a budget.  Her third purchase, however, surprised me.  Ten polo shirts with her business name embroidered above the pocket.

Embroidery Makes Business Sense

Considering the modesty of her other purchases, the embroidery seemed like an extravagance.  Then I learned that she would be sending her employees into customer’s homes, and it made perfect sense.  The employee wearing a uniform shirt that carries the embroidered monogram of his employer doesn’t feel like a stranger.  Wearing a uniform–which is what that shirt with your company name embroidered on it is–gives your employee a professional appearance  as well.

Embroidered Restaurant Logo
Embroidered Restaurant Logo

What Should I Embroider?

Polo shirts, T shirts, and long-sleeved, button-down business shirts are all popular garments to embroider.  We have access to shirts of high quality shirts in dozens of colors and styles.  Besides shirts, we embroider or monogram sweat shirts, jackets, ball caps and vests and other items.

The Embroidery Process

Once upon a time, embroidery was skilled hand work and available only to the wealthy, or the much-beloved.  Now, although the actual stitching is done by computerized machines, the process still takes skill and experience.  It is done as follows:

    1. Prepare a design for one or two colors of thread on a garment of a contrasting color.  We can work with your business name or logo, or provide design support.
    2. Transform your design into a stitch pattern, a process called digitizing, or punching.
    3. Load the garment onto the embroidery machine.
    4. Monitor the embroidery machine, changing thread if necessary.
    5. Inspect and trim, if necessary.

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