Direct Marketing & Promotion

Trade Show Marketing Bag

Besides business cards, Bizcard Xpress supplies a wide range of direct marketing and promotional items:

Shirts and jackets embroidered or printed with a company logo or group slogan are especially popular.  See our Garment Printing pages devoted to these items.

Calendars and pocket organizers are common corporate Christmas gifts

Pens and pens sets range from inexpensive trade-show giveaways to stylish and exclusive gifts welcome on any desk.

Containers:  trade-show bags, totes, non-disposable shopping bags, make-up cases, pencil pouches and many other types of plastic, fabric or leather bags

Key rings, nail files, combs and other personal items

Branded Frisbee

Zip drives, computer mice, and other electronic equipment

Frisbees provide an especially convenient surface to brand with a logo or slogan.

Koozie beverage insulators are amazingly popular giveaways

Some promotional items seem silly, some take themselves very seriously, but all of them work because they keep you in front of your customer every day.  Unleash the power of direct marketing and promotional tools. Work with us to get the best value from your marketing budget.

Direct Marketing for Any Occasion

Branded Koozie Beverage Insulator
A Branded Koozie Beverage Insulator

Promotional items and direct marketing can boost your business and build your brand image. Whether you’re hosting a convention, attending a trade show or planning an event, we can help. We help your organization make the most of direct marketing opportunities by creating high quality products and signage. We produce banners, brochures and custom apparel to create a cohesive and professional appearance. Trust our team to produce affordable products on time.

Visit Streamline Print & Design at 4908 North Oak Trafficway to learn how we can help you capitalize on your direct marketing opportunities.