EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

Show selected neighborhoods what your business has to offer with EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail).  The EDDM is service offered by the US Postal Service.   It allows us to direct a large postcard-style mailer at reduced cost to selected zip codes, and even to specific mail carrier routes.  Streamline Print & Design specializes in designing, printing, and mailing EDDM mailers for single users.  We also regularly produce EDDM mailers that carry advertisements from several companies interested in the same customer base.

 Single User EDDM

A single user EDDM may be the most cost effective way there is for you to send a postcard-style mailer to every home and business in a zip code.  Come to Streamline to discuss EDDM options, and for help designing and printing your EDDM mailer.  Postage cost per piece is determined by volume, or number of pieces, with a significant price break at 5000 mailers.

Common Sizes of EDDM

EDDM MailerLarge EDDM MailersMailer 3

Subdivided EDDM

A Subdivided EDDM
Layout of a 6.5 x 12″ EDDM Subdivided for Four Advertisements

Many different types of business in our area are trying to reach the same potential customers.  To reduce the cost to each business, we combine advertisements from several companies on a single large EDDM.  This reduces the cost to each participating business, while retaining the advantage that your advertisement will appear, not in a deck of dozens of ads, or folded into a newspaper, but on a single postcard.  Put your business on an EDDM and be noticed.

Target Your Demographic

When we were setting up our most recent subdivided EDDM, we used demographic information provided by the U.S. Postal Service to select only upper income mail carrier routes.  In other words, we handpicked wealthy neighborhoods to receive our 5000 mailers.  Another time, with a different mix of advertisers, we might use this same demographic information to select routes rich in women aged 25-44.

A subdivided EDDM
A subdivided EDDM
Call us to start work on your own EDDM, or join us in our next subdivided EDDM.  Call to reserve your spot today.