Plastic Laminating

Laminating, or plastic lamination is a common method of protecting paper documents, and of making them waterproof and resistant to handling damage.

What is Plastic Lamination?

Lamination is a process in which a paper document is completely encapsulated in clear plastic.  Hot melt plastic sleeves (two sheets of adhesive-coated clear plastic joined along one edge) are available in several thicknesses, usually 3,  5, 7 or 9 mils (thousandths of an inch).  A document is inserted between the sheets of the sleeve forming a plastic/paper/plastic sandwich.  This sandwich is fed between a pair of heated rollers that soften the adhesive on the plastic and press it against the paper, bonding the paper to the plastic on both sides.  Around the edges, the two layers of plastic bond to one another to make a single stiff sheet.

Menu Laminating

Restaurant menus are exposed to food and drink spills, and are commonly protected under plastic.  Some are inserted into booklet style menu covers.  Others are laminated to form stiff plastic-coated sheets.  These menus are strong, clean-looking and bright, and may be washed with warm soapy water, or wiped clean if they become soiled.

Protect Important Documents

Besides restaurant menus, many other documents are often laminated.  Some of these include:  lists of instructions, machine diagrams, favorite recipes, signs for kitchen or lavatory use, awards and certificates, etc.

Lamination While You Wait

We stock plastic lamination sleeves in many popular sizes.  Whether you wish to protect a single small letter or two hundred 11 x 17 inch menus, call Streamline Print & Design at 816-459-7552.