Why Buy Embroidered Shirts

A Trusted Employee Wearing the Brand

A Trusted Employee Wearing the Brand

Yesterday, a woman walked into our store determined to buy the essential items to set herself up in business. First, she bought 100 business cards, a necessary item, but the barest minimum quantity. Her second purchase was two small magnetic signs for her car. Again, fairly typical of a hopeful entrepreneur with more determination than money. Her third purchase, however, surprised me. Ten polo shirts with her business name embroidered above the pocket.

Considering the modesty of her other purchases, the embroidery seemed like an extravagance. Then I learned that she would be sending her employees into customer’s homes, and it made perfect sense. A guy wearing a uniform shirt that carries the embroidered monogram of his employer doesn’t feel like a stranger. Even if he has a scary beard, or seems young, or foreign, he feels like a trustworthy, reliable employee.

Embroidery signals quality and reassures customers that your employee is trustworthy and reliable. T shirts or other garments that are printed with your company logo or other identifying slogans can have the same reassuring effect. In addition, they contribute to the professional behavior of your employees.

Owen Decker


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    I’m looking into different ways to advertise for my business and from what you’ve written I think embroidered apparel would be a good way to go. I agree with what you said that a professionally embroidered shirt can make an employee look more trustworthy especially if they are entering customer’s homes, like in your example. I’ll need to look into this a little more before I make a decision but your post is appreciated.

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