Where Did Linda Go?

This month’s Blog is from Linda!

As some of you may have noticed, I (Linda) am not always in the store these days to help with your printing. Recently my husband Owen took a job in Gainesville, Texas. This means that I must also move to Gainesville.
Because I have built many relationships with you, our customers, over the past two and a half years we have been in business, this has not been an easy move. However, thanks to modern technology, and with the help of Doug Clark, owner of IT Central, I can still oversee a large part of what happens in the store. I am able to remotely access all of our computers, work on design, set-up for printing, and pretty much do everything except put the paper in the printers.
Linda Move Blog Pic
So even though I will not always be in the store, I am staying involved in the day to day business. I am also splitting my time between Missouri and Texas, so don’t be surprised if I am there when you come in!
Our story started five years ago, when we moved to Kansas City. We bought a home north of the city, planning to create a place to live in and to retire to. We deepened our roots by planting trees on the property, and starting a business in Kansas City. My son Peter and I worked the regular hours in the store, and my husband Owen worked his regular job during the day and helped out at the store after work.
When Owen decided to take the job in Gainesville, Texas, we realized that I would not be able to work in the store as before. Well, we are a family owned business, and fortunately we have a number of children. So we asked our son Dennis, who was living in Florida, to move up to Kansas City with his family to help us in the store.
Many of you have met Dennis. He and Peter, along with Caleb, will be at the store to help you with all your printing needs. I look forward to seeing you when I am in Kansas City.
Oh, and in case you were wondering–we haven’t sold the home. In fact, Dennis & his family live there and maintain the house and acreage.  We plan to retire back to Kansas City when the time is right.
–Linda Decker

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