Yard Signs

Wire Mounted Lawn Sign
Wire Mounted Lawn Signs

Corrugated plastic, or Coroplast, is an excellent substrate for free-standing outdoor lawn signs.  Lightweight, yet stiff and strong; inexpensive, yet durable; Coroplast lawn signs mounted on push-in wire frames can be installed in a moment, yet they resist damage by wind and weather for months.

Lawn Signs Fast

We stock wire mounting frames, and several weights of Coroplast, and use them to produce small orders of signs on a days notice.  Larger orders take a little longer, but the price per sign goes down with volume.

Lawn Signs in Any Color

Coroplast Colors
Coroplast Corrugated Plastic

Lawn signs are available in any color.  Cut vinyl lettering on colored Coroplast makes dramatic signs.  Alternatively, colored designs may be printed on Coroplast directly, or printed on vinyl, then mounted on the Coroplast.

Typical Applications For Lawn Signs

Lawn signs bloom like daffodils every two years as election day nears.  Campaigns find these particular lawn signs to be an effective means of demonstrating popularity, increasing name exposure and delivering their message to the voting public. Often, you will find activist voters with multiple signs as seen below. Many times, this is a frequent conversation starter among neighbors that will further increase the name recognition, platform recognition and voter enthusiasm that a given candidate desires. This is cost effective, boot strapped marketing for grass roots politics at its finest. Besides their popularity as political signs, these inexpensive lawn signs may be used to advertise:

Political Lawn Signs
A Crop of Political Lawn Signs
  • Limited time Sales
  • Concerts
  • Grand Openings
  • “For Sale” and “Sold”
  • Lawn Treatments
  • Wet Cement
  • Fresh Asphalt
  • Birthday Parties
  • Garage Sales
  • Religious revivals
  • “Keep off the Grass!”

For special events or to boost your business now, call Streamline Print & Design today about lawn signs.

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