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An Eye-Catching Outdoor Sign
An Eye-Catching Outdoor Sign

As a full-service printing shop, Streamline Print & Design lays out, prints, and installs outdoor business signs ranging from 18 x 24 inch “yard” signs to wall-mounted or free-standing signs five feet wide and many feet long.

Durable Heavy-Duty Vinyl

Outdoor signs are typically created on durable, weather-resistant, heavy-duty vinyl.  The text, logo and designs may be printed on the vinyl in full color, or may be assembled using brightly-colored cut vinyl.

Every Text Font and Style

A working distinction between banners and signs on one hand, and posters and murals on the other, is that banners and signs always contain text.  Thousands of text fonts are available, from the rude and quirky, to the formal and ornate.  Our graphic artists can pick a font that will help you achieve the exact effect you want.

Any Color You Can Imagine

Pictures and text can be printed on vinyl in a huge colorspace of at least 16 million recognizable shades, tints, and pure colors.  Cut vinyl is also available in dozens of colors, including gold, silver and copper.

Backing for Outdoor Signs

Permanent outdoor signs are first created in vinyl.  Whether the sign will be freestanding or wall-mounted, the next step is to mount it on a stiff, weatherproof backing.  Several types of backing are available:

Political Lawn Signs
A Crop of Political Lawn Signs

4 mm Coroplast – Political signs and other lawn signs with life expectancies of a few months are typically mounted on Coroplast, a stiff, corrugated plastic.  Small Colorplast signs up to about 2 x 3 feet may be attached and supported by wire push-in-the-ground frames.

If they will be attached to plywood or some other solid backing material, larger signs may also be mounted on 4 mm Coroplast

10 mm Coroplast – Larger signs that will not be backed may be mounted on 10 mm Coroplast supported by a frame.

Maxmetal – For maximum stiffness and durability, outdoor signs may be mounted on an aluminum/plastic composite called Maxmetal.  Maxmetal signs may be wall mounted, or supported by a frame structure of wood, metal or masonry.

Support Structure

Permanent signs may require wood, metal, or masonry support structures.  We collaborate with a contractor specialized in building and installing these structures.

Putting a Business Sign Together

Streamline Print & Design can organize the entire process of sign design, fabrication and installation.  Our graphic designers will collaborate with you on the design, work through every detail, and provide a proof for your approval. We’ll print the sign and mount it on the right substrate.  Then well coordinate the installation of the sign on a support structure appropriate to your business and location.

For eye-catching, effective outdoor signs, call us at 816-459-7552.

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