Paper Signs

Full Color Paper Sign
Full Color Paper Sign

As a full-service printing shop, Streamline Print & Design prints paper signs ranging from thumb-sized, self-adhesive signs small enough to be called stickers, to signs large enough to cover an entire wall and be called billboards.

Backing for Signs

Signs require stiff backing.  For many indoor signs, this backing is a wall or window.  We print self adhesive signs of the “peel-and-stick” variety.  We also print heavy duty paper signs that may be glued or taped to a wall.

For more permanent mountings, signs are affixed to their own backing.  We provide printed signs ready for indoor mounting.  We can also mount paper signs on poster board, cardboard, high-density-fiberboard, acrylic, Coroplast (corrogated plastic) plywood, and other hard, stiff materials.

Every Text Font and Style

A working distinction between banners and signs on one hand, and posters and murals on the other, is that banners and signs always contain text.  In the bad old days of mechanical typewriters, there were only a handful of text fonts available.  Nowadays there are thousands of fonts, and every one of them produces a different mood, feel and impact.  Some are as smooth as silk.  Others are rough and jagged.  Some are quirky, and others formal or ornate.  Part of a graphic artist’s stock in trade is knowing which font will produce a desired effect.

Font Variants
An Illuminated A

Our printers faithfully reproduce every available font.  They do so in a huge size range, from letters so small that it takes a magnifying glass to read them, to letters so large that they can be read a mile away.

Almost Any Color You Could Want

Color printers these days are generally CMYK, designed around four colors of ink or toner:

  • C – Cyan (blue)
  • M – Magenta (red)
  • Y – Yellow
  • K – Black

When these four inks or toners are combined on white paper, they can reproduce up to 16 million distinct colors.

Whites and Metallics

Colorful paper sign with multiple fonts
A Colorful Paper Sign

While 16 million colors seems like a lot, they do not include metallic gold, silver, or copper, or tints of these metals.  We use metal foils to obtain metallic effects on envelopes or business cards.

When white paper is the printing substrate, it supplies the white needed for light colors.  Certain substrates, however, such as clear plastic, and dark paper, dark fabric or vinyl do not supply white.  To print light colors on dark fabrics, for example, our Direct to Garment Printer uses an unusual white ink.

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